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Virtuous Sprites' Journal

Below are the 12 most recent journal entries.


  2002.04.10  06.55

I have no longer felt the need to rp anymore. It has lost all it's fun.
I will continue rp Susan_b of the RPHogwarts and Bubbles_u of rppowerpuff, but any other characters I play will be gone.


PS Theawolf will find this community in her possetion.

Mood: annoyed

  2002.04.01  18.33

Update more or else!!!!!!!


PS: Lyris, why don't you find more members.

Mood: annoyed

  2002.03.25  12.26

I forgot to post in this, I'm Egon.

Mood: accomplished

  2002.03.21  19.02

What is this?

Mood: annoyed

  2002.03.15  09.40

Let's all go visit Crystal at school, what say you sprites?



  2002.03.15  22.56

I don't know what I'll be after the ordeal -faery elf or something else all together.


anyone care to tell me what goes on in the ordeal? I know your not supposed to tell me, and that if you do your voice will be taken away for an eternity, but I really want to know!

Mood: curious

  2002.03.13  17.48

Hello fellow sprites!!!
Thanks for adding me Lyris.

Mood: amused

  2002.03.10  13.05
So Thea,

Your a changling, going to be a elf or a fairy?

Mood: bored

  2002.03.09  20.24

so what am I supposed to wright in here?

Mood: curious

  2002.03.08  17.43

Virtuous Sprite? Riiight.

Mood: confused

  2002.03.08  17.42



  2002.03.08  17.41

The Virtuous Sprites community is now working :).